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2000 - 2022

2000 - 2004

- Jordan Kavana forms KGI Consumer     Products in Hong Kong

- KGI Sold

Diversified high-tech toys, global patents and Toy of the Year awards.

Real estate positioning begins.

2004 - 2005

- JL Ventures launched
- Hurricane Katrina

Multi-family in FL, MI & AL.

Go Zone = bonus depreciation of JL Real Ventures’ Assets.

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Transcendent Investment Management Logo

2008 - 2009

- The Build US Back® Platform begins
- Transcendent Investment Management is formed
- Portfolio Expansion
- Build US Back® Vertically Integrated

Introducing technology, process & analytics to Single Family Residential space.

2500 properties in CA, AZ, NV and across SE U.S.

Research, acquire, renovate, rent and resell selected properties in-house.


New Asset Class Emerges

Additional assets purchased in a buy and hold strategy in fund structure. 

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Harvard Business School Case Study

Build U.S. Back: Opportunities in the U.S. housing market."


Buy For Rent

TIM shifts single SFR strategy to partner with national home builders and purchase inventory.

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EY Entrepreneur of the Year

2018 Finalist.

2019 - 2020

TIM launches a collection of programs, products, and services integrated into the app helping residents maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health.



Transcendent Electra Management

TIM and a multifamily owner and operator Electra America establish a fund, Transcendent Electra, focusing on newly built single-family rental homes and attached townhomes purchased directly from homebuilders throughout Sunbelt states.

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