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Personomics is a digital health and wellness platform designed to provide individually-tailored health, diet, beauty and lifestyle solutions.

Our Innovative Team

Umesh Khanna is a Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who has worked in various industries using his background in technology, business and healthcare. Umesh was the founder of Osmosis Marketing, a marketing firm for local agents and businesses, which was later acquired. He later moved into consulting and then onto another startup to create a medical device to help individuals monitor their vitamin levels. Umesh currently works on all product and technical aspects on the Personomics platform.

Simo Becarevic is an aspiring leader in healthcare innovation who consistently seeks to apply his knowledge and skill-set in order to drive positive changes in society. He is an Honors Specialization in Pathology student at the University of Western Ontario. Not only has Simo held positions in cancer, genomics, and atherosclerosis research at leading healthcare/research institutions in Canada but he also actively engages with community outreach agencies, including the United Way.

Carlos Rodarte is a Business Advisor for Personomics, and the Founder & Managing Director of Volar Health, LLC, an operations-focused consultancy that helps innovative health companies refine their product strategy and rapidly commercialize their solutions. Carlos, a seasoned healthcare executive, is an active startup mentor, member of several advisory boards, and recognized speaker on health innovation. In 2015, Carlos was named a "40 under 40 Healthcare Innovator" by MedTech Boston and in 2016 a “Top 100 Digital Health Influencer” by Onalytica.