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A wholly-owned subsidiary of Transcendent Investment Management, BUSB Property Services is a vertically-integrated Property Management, Brokerage, Construction Management and related services provided to all of TIM’s portfolio properties as well as to third party customers across the single family and multi-family market.

Build US Back

BUSB is operated in-house alongside TIM management group and consists of seasoned property managers, accountants, brokers and investment professionals with oversight by TIM executives.

BUSB runs industry leading technology platforms that assist in investment research, property operations, accounting, AR/AP and investor relations.

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, BUSB has local “boots on the ground” across the Southeast United States including Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolinas.
BUSB has managed in excess of 10,000 single family homes since it’s inception and is uniquely positioned to offer scaling opportunities to TIM investors as well as third party customers.

BUSB has deep hands-on experience in professionally managing complex and geographically diverse portfolios while achieving high occupancy , low turnover, high rent and sales figures and outsized returns for TIM investors.
Through BUSB extensive network of local third party service providers, Build US Back is able to provide TIM investors and third party customers reduced costs related to reoccurring services and general repair and maintenance.

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Supporting a healthy lifestyle for its residents, Transcendent Investment Management launched a new division - ARK Living, a collection of programs, products, and services integrated into the app helping residents maintain good physical, mental and spiritual health. 


ARK Living provides accessible and affordable programs that support each of the six individual pillars of well-being and longevity: movement, nutrition, mindset, sleep, supplements, diagnostics.

Movement is not only about fitness but also about a harmonious connection between your mind and body. The food we eat gives our bodies the "information" and materials needed to optimize function. Emotional wellness is a state when the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, and adapt to changes. Sleep patterns influence all biological systems and help us physically, emotionally, and cognitively be our best. Nutraceuticals and botanicals are necessary for holistic wellness. The ability to self-test in your own home saves time and money.


Besides health programs, products, services, and virtual events, the platform integrates rental management software that allows residents to manage their rent.


ARK Living's goal is to empower residents with educational and entertaining content on human health to integrate into their modern lifestyles. We aim to bring preventative health and wellness into every Transcendent home as well as other real estate projects nationally. 

 ARK Living 
Health &Wellness

A collection of programs featuring products and services designed to support
good physical, mental, spiritual health and longevity for residents.

Clean Living Communties
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